All DCBA members and potential members, below are a list of Committees the DBCA President is allowed to form per the DCBA by-laws.

Membership Committee – Shirley Welch (Chair), Andrea Brown, more members TBD.

Duties: Generate new members and renew past members, put out fliers and newsletters, etc.

Maintenance & Improvement Committee – Steve Brown & Lee Ungaro (Co-Chairs), more members TBD.

Duties: Ensure front entrance is monitored for possible fixes, such as broken sprinklers, shrubbery clearing, etc.

Hospitality & Beatification Committee – Gus Bobes (Chair), more members TBD.

Duties: Yard of the Month, Beach lot improvements, etc.

** Please talk these committees up with other DCBA members and/or volunteer for service on a committee.

Lance, President DCBA