Lake Lot Information

  • Lake lot rules
  • Boat ramp access
  • Canoe rack rental
  • Picnic area
  • Dock

Lake Lot Rules

  1. The lake lot is reserved for members of the Dommerich Beach Civic Association (DBCA).
  2. Use the lake lot at your own risk.
  3. The lot is open for use from sunrise to sunset.
  4. Clean up after your pet.
  5. Treat the grounds with the same respect you would treat your neighbor’s yard.
  6. The dock may not be used as permanent mooring for boats, canoes, or kayaks.
  7. No overnight parking
  8. Boat operators should observe the buoys as provided by the city except when launching or docking their boat.
  9. Members or guests using the lake lot may not trespass on adjacent properties.
  10. Grill must be cleaned and ashes removed after use.
  11. Any other posted rules on the lot must be observed.

Boat Ramp Use

One Year of Access = $100*

*Also requires DBCA lot membership for a total of $200

→ DBCA lot members who also purchase annual use of the boat ramp receive a key to the gate pad lock for boat launching and recovery.

→ The dock is not to be used as permanent mooring for any watercraft.

→ Members can park vehicles and trailers inside the gated area while using watercraft and the lot.

Canoe Rack Rental




1 year rental (1 slip) = $240*

*Also requires DBCA lot membership of $100/yr
One year renewal maximum before rejoining wait list.

Picnic area

The lake lot picnic area may be used by DBCA members and their guests. 


The boat dock is open to members during lot hours for boat launching, fishing, and beautiful views.