The recently proposed Storm Water Easement Agreement with the City of Maitland is posted on the Association Documents page (click on menu above Dommerich logo).  They are found under the subheading Proposed New Storm Water Easement Agreement. The final three items which address the agreement language are (click on each item to view it):

  1. Email of proposed “WhereAs” Language (for inclusion as part of agreement)
  2. Proposed agreement, as received from City of Maitland
  3. Proposed agreement, with markups from DBCA President Charlie Adkins

The agreement, two years in the making,  is for Perpetual use and maintenance of a portion of Dommerich Beach by the City for existing and proposed storm water structures.

You may also benefit from reviewing the next post on this page, Storm Water Modification: Baffle Box & Lake Lot Easement.  In addition to community comments it includes notes from our meeting earlier this year with City Staff.

We have scheduled a meeting from 4-5pm Saturday, September 15th at 520 Dommerich Drive.  That is at the corner of Dommerich & Cheyenne.

We welcome your observations here by clicking on Comments above.  If you wish to attend the meeting please let us know by sending an email to [email protected] and bring a chair in case the meeting moves outside.

Dwayne Gray, one of our members and a real estate attorney, has been assisting us and will be available to help us bring this matter to a close.

Best Regards,

DBCA Board of Directors