The City of Maitland is planning to install a debris removal device in storm water pipes which have an outlet to the lake at the Beach Lot. It is called a Baffle Box. It is a substantial concrete device requiring significant excavation from the road into our property. Work includes the demolition of portions of the new front wall which will be rebuilt with a new alignment behind the device. Documents for the project received from Maitland have been posted on this site (DBCA Lake Lot Proposed Storm Drain Modification). A fifteen foot easement, in perpetuity, is requested by the City and the legal scetch depicting this easement is included. A construction agreement detailing the scope of work and other documents have been requested. This post is a conduit of conversation regarding Maitland’s proposal to resolve this storm water debris problem and the granting of an easement. Post your comments below after reading the document on storm water modifications. Also, watch your email and facebook for notices regarding new documents and meetings. Best Regards, Charlie Adkins & Lisa DeRoo